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As a mental health professional, I believe everyone deserves access to high-quality healthcare. I will improve access to affordable medical treatment, especially for those who live in rural areas. I will enhance incentives for medical providers to practice in rural communities to keep health available and accessible. Finally, I will work to simplify health insurance processes so providers can accept your healthcare plan. 

Economic Development

As a business owner, I want to build and strengthen our small businesses through tax credits and access to credit lines. I believe in fair pay and safe workplaces so workers can provide for their families. I will build a strong workforce and education system to encourage young Nebraskans to stay in Nebraska. I am dedicated to addressing the workforce shortage. This involves access to childcare for working parents. 


Homeownership is a vital part of our economy and achievement of the American Dream.  I strongly believe purchasing a home should be a reality for all working class individuals. I will work to address the housing shortage and high housing costs through affordable credit and down payment plans.  I will work to renovate existing housing structures and build new housing units for the middle class. Once a family moves into their home, I will ensure they do not get taxed out of it. 


I will work for the local farmers, who are a vital part of our local economy.  I will support the needs of rural communities to keep our youth on farms. I will support and encourage funding for research and implementation of agricultural methods that protect our land, water, climate, and ecosystem for future generations. Finally, I believe farmers should have a voice in policy development and implementation so will seek out their wisdom and guidance throughout my time in the Legislature. 

Mission Statement

A Balanced Approach

To utilize empathetic listening and values of compassion, respect, dependability, and inclusivity to undertake issues in such a manner that provides a voice for all constituents living in District 33. 

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