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June and July 2023 Update

June 2023

June was a successful month! The month began by having a booth at PRIDE at Hastings Museum. I met with several individuals throughout the day while selling t-shirts for a free will donation. The afternoon ended with a downpour, although it was much needed precipitation. I started canvassing in Axtell, Hastings, and Prosser having lots of great conversations along the way. Thank you to everyone who attended, supported, and donated to my kickoff fundraiser at Hastings Lake on June 17th! The day was met with so many friendly faces. I am grateful I was able to meet so many of you!

July 2023

Independence Day was spent with family outside District 33 (I spent the afternoon in Shelton). The forecasted storms interfered with some scheduled activities in Hastings. The Adams County Fairfest was quite the success! Thank you to those of you volunteered at the Fair! There were so many fun memories made and good conversations with constituents. I was also able to hire an experienced campaign manager- Carol Blood! We were able to have our first meeting to develop a solid campaign plan.

Thanks to a volunteer who traveled from Lincoln to take pictures I can use for my campaign. Some of those pictures are on my website and social media. Keep an eye out for more to come over the next several weeks!

As you know, we have an uphill battle to connect with the voters of District 33 for me to get elected in 2024. It will take all of you to help through volunteering and financial support. Please join me walking in the Kool-Aid Days Parade on August 19th (your children are welcome to walk with us too)!

My fundraising goal for August is $6000. Help me reach this goal by getting ahold of me to host a fundraiser or making a donation today! Thank you so much for your support- I appreciate all of you!!!

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