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October 2023

October was a month of expansion and celebration. Relationships were built with individuals across District 33 through meetings and canvassing. I was able to celebrate at a parade and my birthday fundraiser. It is an honor to become acquainted with the people from the District and across the State.

Parades are such an enjoyable way to bring communities together. It was a pleasure to participate in the "Celebration of Sound" at the Harvest of Harmony parade. As the largest parade in Nebraska, it not only brings together the people of Grand Island. It unites people from across the state. Following the parade, we continued the celebration at a meet and greet luncheon.

My birthday was a happy one spending time with my son and friends! We began the day with a community canvass to build relationships with people in Hastings. Then, we had a celebration/fundraiser at the Back Alley Bakery. I could not ask for a better way to spend my day.

Continuing the themes of celebration and expansion, I had the opportunity to celebrate at the YWCA Grand Island Woman of Distinction event. It is always delightful to see friends and meet new ones. I was able to meet new friends at the women's meeting in Holdrege. I made a trip to Omaha to meet with some organizational leaders. Finally, I completed an interview for a podcast to discuss the issues with listeners across the state.

Please join me on Saturday afternoons to build relationships with the people of District 33 through community canvassing. Times will vary depending on Husker football games, so make sure to check out the time on each event.

We will also have a self-care lunch on November 25 at 12:00 pm where we can rest, relax, and unwind together. Every month, we will meet at a different location. In November, the location will be Back Alley Bakery.

If you cannot attend events, we also have a postcard campaign going on right now to connect with individuals in the rural communities across the District. In addition, you can assist to ensure a financially secure campaign by making a $33 donation for District 33 (any other amount is appreciated). Donations can be made here:

Thank you so much for all of your support! As always, I am so appreciative of my village of volunteers, friends, and family who work hard everyday to make this campaign a success! I am so grateful my village continues to expand every month!

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Tom Genung
Tom Genung
06 nov. 2023

Good info. I like the blog. Keep up the good work.

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