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December 2023- January 2024

While reflecting on the last two months on the campaign trail, the words generosity and celebration come to mind. Thanks to several generous donors, I was able to report over $22,000 on my 2023 annual reporting. Your contributions allowed me to hand out rack cards while going door to door, mail approximately 5,000 postcards to individuals residing in the rural areas of District 33, purchase a banner for the Kool-Aid Days parade and other events, and have items on hand in preparation for the primary.

Overall, we experienced pleasant weather in December and the last week of January allowing me to achieve significant canvassing goals. So far, I have knocked over 2,000 doors in the Hastings, Prosser, and Axtell communities! I have been able to meet with many registered voters in Precincts 2C, 2D, 3A, 3B, and 4A of Hastings. I'll be finishing up 3A and moving through the rest of Hastings during February.

I was also able to meet with several members of the community. This included elected officials on the Hastings Public Schools Board of Education and Hastings City Council. I was also able to meet with a group of Scott Scholars from Hastings College and the Sunrise Rotary. Finally, January ended positively by sponsoring and attending the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce 2024 Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.

As the primary election quickly approaches, I will be posting more events and asking for more volunteers. Please watch your email for several upcoming opportunities.

Join us at the CASA building (1924 W A St) on February 15th from 5:00-7:00 pm to put signs together, so they are ready to go in March!

Thank you for all your assistance for me to get elected as your next State Senator of District 33!

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